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About Studio 6

About Us

If sales copy was honest.

Who are we really?
We would love to be able to tell you that we’re the best, while being the cheapest, and easily fitting into your budget, but of course we’d be lying. Fact is, there is no best and there is no cheapest, just those who are lucky, or smart enough to win work, and those that for whatever reason don’t. Over the past 30 years or so, we’ve won a lot of accounts, lost a few, and didn’t get a bunch more; in other words we’ve been around the block a few times.


A simple business model.
We don’t pin our success on blowing smoke up somewhere smoke ought not be. Over the years, we’ve followed a few simple rules, chief amongst them – Don’t have a linchpin client. They’ll make you mediocre and order takers faster than you can say “Yes Sir”. Diversity of clients is a key thing. To be able to lose or get rid of a few without having to fire chunks of our staff is paramount, it creates a more stable environment. Have we ever broken our own rule? Yup, you bet! How’d that work out for us? We were sorry for it every time! There are other facets to our business model that you may find interesting, you need only ask.


Why us and not them?
When it comes to choosing between us and others, it’s clear that factors like quality, price, and creativity are important. However, at the heart of it all, the decision ultimately boils down to two essential elements: “like” and “trust.” People simply won’t trust someone they don’t like, and they won’t make purchases from someone they don’t trust. It’s as simple as that. Building genuine relationships based on trust and rapport is the cornerstone of our approach, setting us apart in a world where these qualities often make all the difference.

Our Team

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What We Do

Our Suite of Services


Building a sound foundation

At the bottom of every successful endeavor is sound thinking and meticulous planning. Achieving success is a pivotal milestone, the true challenge lies in sustaining it over the long haul. While flashy gimmicks may provide momentary excitement, they won’t offer the enduring security needed for the long-term. To maintain your position in a competitive landscape, strategic thinking and ongoing innovation are imperative. These elements not only help you adapt to changes, but also position you for continued growth and relevance.

Brand Development

Always a reminder of who you are.

It needs to be understood that hard work, commitment, desire, quality, and an unwavering dedication to serve are what’s behind the little graphic we call a logo. The logo is a visual representation of your mission, values, and mirrors the caliber of your products. It signifies a promise to your audience assuring buyers that you will consistently act in their best interests by delivering not only what they desire, but also what they truly require.


It’s a competitive world, you’ll need more than just a plan.

In an ever shrinking universe where market share gets harder and harder to carve out, a well crafted plan is essential. Competition is no longer confined to local, regional, or national boundaries; it can emerge from anywhere across the globe. That’s why it’s imperative not only to devise a strategic plan, but also to keenly identify and analyze the competition, comprehending their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses for sustainable success.


Because humans don’t change as fast as technology.

Photography, video, design, illustration, and copywriting are just a few of the tools in our arsenal. However, at the heart of what continues to drive and inspire us are the fundamental elements of imagery, texture, sound, and the power of a compelling narrative.


Navigating the digital seascape.

Often tumultuous and always unpredictable the turbulent ocean of social media boasts many wrecks. Our clients have placed their trust in us to steer them through these murky waters, ensuring that their brands not only stay afloat but also shine amidst the chaos.

Printed Matter

Yup, it’s alive and well.

If you thought print was in the rear view mirror, think again. Methods may have changed, but for many the desire to walk away with something in hand is as potent as ever.

Our Best Assets

Not just educated, smart.

At the end of the day, it’s our people and their unique abilities that make things hum. While the latest tech is important, knowing what, how or even if something should be used is essential in serving our partners.


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