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Augie’s Prime Cut

Augie’s Prime Cut

Branding • Media Planning & Placement • Creative Design • Social Media Management • Photography & Videography


Culinary Delights. Initially known for its delectable steaks and meats in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Augie’s owners approached us with a desire to revamp their image. The challenge was clear: shift the spotlight from the food offerings to the heart and soul of the restaurant. Its owner, Audrey, has been affectionately known as ‘Augie’ by her baby sister since childhood. Our approach was to bring Augie to the forefront of the advertising, making her vibrant personality the cornerstone of the brand. We crafted a narrative that not only celebrated Augie’s journey but also formed a personal and emotional connection with patrons, inviting them to be a part of her story. Augmenting this new brand narrative, we harnessed the power of food photography. Regularly capturing the essence of Augie’s culinary delights, we showcased specials and new menu items in alluring imagery, which became a central component of our promotional materials. Our partnership with Augie’s Prime Cut encompasses a comprehensive range of advertising services. From dynamic ad campaigns, captivating TV commercials to engaging email blasts and the development and maintenance of their website, we’ve been with Augie every step of the way. In this age of digital engagement, we’ve also solidified a robust social media presence for Augie’s, ensuring that their brand continues to shine brightly. Augie’s Prime Cut is not just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the power of branding and advertising. Together, we’ve elevated a local gem to new heights whilst keeping it on a personal level.


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