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Frames NY

Frames NY

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Bowling with sex appeal. At the end of 42nd Street an epic battle is taking place, not between rival armies, or even gangs. The battle we’re referring to is between bowling alleys. Like everything else in NYC, bowling has been elevated to a contact sport and unfortunately for Frames, they suffered from a severe handicap – they’re located inside Port Authority. Alas, we don’t get to pick the locations of our clients, however not being afraid of a challenge we began by creating clever, sexy campaigns to show that Frames is much more than just bowling. Our work is edgy, provocative, and fun. Combining visuals that might make some blush with in-your-face headlines, we were able to get traffic moving away from the competition and towards us. Major broadcasting events and celebrity appearances all packaged in this well equipped environment that is Frames, made this client a premier player on 42nd Street.


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