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Self Cut System

Self Cut System

Branding • Retail Packaging • Media Planning & Placement • Photography & Videography • Creative Design


A re-affirmation of the American dream. In the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship, one remarkable client stands out—a self-made entrepreneur who has rewritten the rules of hairstyling. Born in The Philippines, Ryford Estores emigrated to America at an early age. It was here that a fervent desire for success ignited within him. With the keen eye of a smart entrepreneur, he embarked on the journey to invent Self-Cut System. Ryford came to us with an idea and a prototype. However, it was his zeal and raw determination that moved us. We couldn’t help but want to see this young man succeed. It has been our pleasure to serve as his creative partner, helping to build his brand’s success. Throughout our partnership, we’ve meticulously designed and executed a multitude of marketing strategies for successive product launches. Our journey with Self-Cut System has been defined by captivating product displays, meticulously designed packaging, and enticing premium offers that have transformed casual shoppers into ardent brand enthusiasts. Through our unwavering dedication and innovative thinking, we’ve not only built brand awareness, we’ve propelled it to unprecedented heights. Our commitment to this partnership remains resolute as we continue to craft remarkable experiences that resonate with customers, and drive our friend and his brand forward.


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