Studio 6 Agency

Augie’s Prime Cut


The owners of Augie’s Prime Cut, a prime location for delicious prime meats in the Hudson Valley, came to us wanting to rebrand their restaurant. We recommended moving the focus from prime cut meats, to the owner, Audrey, called Augie by her baby sister when they were kids. We shifted our efforts to showing Augie in all of the advertising, making her personality the brand, creating an emotional and familiar connection for restaurant patrons. We supplemented the new brand with food photography. On a regular basis we would take pictures of any specials and new menu items to be used in promotional materials. We have worked within the complete range of advertising services with Augie’s. Everything from ad campaigns and TV commercials, to email blasts and website development & maintenance fall under our services. Now we have also established and continue to maintain a strong social media presence for Augie’s Prime Cut.